A mobile application that guide the handicap person in the public places (transport, banks...) using geo-location, Bluetooth technology and providing services and personnel support

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Executive Summary

The innovation consist in setting up a generic multi-platform mobile application (Android/IOS) and a geo-location platform that marry between different transmission technologies (GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Geomagnetic field) with low energy consumption, offline navigation and depends on the activated service in the user Smartphone and his location (indoor/outdoor).

 The application can be used in all public places (Airports, Museum, Transportation, Stadium, Banks..) to organize crowd and guide the handicap person and secure him or by specific event organizers/commercials for personalized usage with multi versions. 

  • Main use cases:

​                     Transports

Global cases

Public places

Navigation and Heat Mapping, real time geo-location

Finding public places and transports location, user experience

Device tracking

Share news, success stories, events, job offers, books and electronic documents

Follow social cases and collect donations using platform by associations and public organizations

Provide public api for POIs and geographic places

Provide on demand applications with newest technologies

Delivery of contextual information real time

Location based assistance

Proximity based marketing

mobility and collaborative decision-making

digital way finding to help visually impaired people

Provided solution

- Geomagnetic field/Beacon proximity

- Trac-GPS platform + analytics and BI module
- GPS/Wi-Fi location by our Trac-GPS platform
- Beacon management platform
- Beacon proximity/notifications

- Offline map/POIs management system

- Beacon/ Bluetooth device proximity configuration

- Interactive multimedia video using Augment reality