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Mission : to provide equitable and accessible educational and cultural services

Madrassati is a digital educational and cultural   platform  that contains:

  • Cloud   site in SAAS mode + Web and mobile app android (playstore)
  • Extensions to develop on demand according to customer needs (electronic components and embedded development)
  • Collaborative data addition solution (crowdsourcing)

The existing part provides:

- an innovative digital learning solution: digital resources of different types (books, tests, quizzes, articles, videos, images ...)

- a guide to local educational and cultural services with the possibility of classifying them by giving notes, opinions ..

- an interactive virtual exchange space between citizens and institutions: submission of a communication, service, sending of alerts, news

- a tool for consulting and claiming offenses

-  a way to collect donations for schools and social cases

- multilingual project ready to set up internationally (scalability)

- Exploitation of data of public establishments (culture houses, libraries, monuments and museums, administrations ..) available and accessible

Application mobile (version arabe) sur le play store   Facebook Page  Yomken Marketplace


- Present social and educational situations / events that are models to follow

- Develop the student guide for the proper use of holidays and leisure through cultural and educational activities.

- Share digital resources of different types (book, test, quiz, video ...)

- Share a guide of educational services for schools, clubs, libraries, school daycares, kindergartens ... with the possibility of classifying them by giving notes, advice to help parents to choose the best institution for their children.
- Provide innovative, bespoke learning solutions using Augmented Reality and Beacons.
- Provide continuing education for all (disabled, autistic ...) by providing virtual rooms (free access + subscription)
- Provide a smart school bus monitoring system, collaborative school bus transportation and an inland proximity system to ensure safety
- A program that allows the teacher to convert traditional educational content into e-content and according to the standards of the world of education and technology using models.

- Highlight needy and subsidized schools by governments or corporations and associations in accordance with national programs

List of libraries

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List of monuments and museums

List of culture centers

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