Rizk project:

Facilitate the collection and recovery of waste to finance social projects, improve the living conditions and protect the environment

We offer this social collaborative crowd-funding and waste recovery platform (plastic, aluminum, used oil, breads, organic ..) and food products (buffet rest of hotels, restaurants, weddings, shops ..). The project consists of a mobile application and a website based on geolocation, local service, which connects citizens with associations and collectors/recyclers to make a donation or sell the result of the selective sorting and participate in the financing of public projects (maintenance of schools, roads, hospitals ..)

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The system components are:

- Platform for collecting and monitoring donations

- Directory of proximity services [environmental, municipal] + Monitoring system and tracking of violations by geographical location

- Types of overruns by service and list of alerts

- Interactive space between the service provider and the citizen: the submission of a communication, service, send alert, news [job offer, model to be followed ..]

- Cash4Trash: locate, reduce and valorize the plastic of the Mediterranean to finance social projects.

- volunteer module: registration of volunteers with associations by specialty (collection, transport, administration ...)

- Food waste management system: collection of usable meals and food products for the benefit of associations

- TRAC-GPS: a vehicle tracking system (waste transport) to optimize circuits and reduce pollution.