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Projects for the environment

We have developed several IT solutions in the field of the environment such as:
- WiseTreeMap: ua platform for locating planted trees to combat desertification, erosion and the spread of plant diseases (case of red palm weevil)

- Labib : management system of geographical points of interest and claims 

- Turtle-Survey : sustainable management of marine turtles

- Module volontariat : inscription des volontaires auprès des associations par spécialité (collecte, transport, administration) 

- Food Waste Management System : collecting usable meals and food products for the benefit of associations

- TRAC-GPS :a vehicle tracking system to optimize the circuits and reduce pollution.

- EcoSurvey : une solution écologique pour rapporter les échouages des espèces marines (localisation, fiche de données..), le comptage des  espèces , les démonstrations et les infractions

- Cash4Trash:locate, reduce and recover waste to finance social projects